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Smash Dance Academy Mission Statement

SMASH Dance Academy is a Utah dance studio for youth with the mission of enabling students to discover personal artistry fully and freely through dance. Our students may choose a recreational path or a pre-professional track that provides the tools to continue dancing at a collegiate or professional level.


Our approach is two-fold: artistically training and developing dancers in the physical and technical aspects of a wide variety of dance genres; and fostering an environment in which this art form can nurture dancers who are responsible, respectful, and empowered humans. We execute this two-fold approach by instilling exceptional work ethic and connecting our students and staff through clear communication and transparency. Our healthy environment sets expectations of students, teachers, and parents to assist in the learning process and enhance growth in a clear, healthy manner.

SMASH Core Values

Empowered: We have the power to be strong, confident, and successful in and out of the studio.

Hard Working: We understand and enjoy the value and results of hard work.

Respectful: We are respectful of ourselves, our bodies, each other, parents, the facilities, and our teachers.

Introspective: We examine our own thoughts, feelings, movements, efforts, and attitudes.

Transparent: We communicate, ask questions, give feedback, and face uncomfortable conversations.

No drama.

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