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Pro Track Information

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What is Pro Track?

The SMASH Pro Track program is designed to equip dancers with the necessary skills for proficiency in dance, opening doors to professional or collegiate opportunities post-high school. This comprehensive program focuses on technical mastery, physical fitness, and mental strength, offering a curriculum that includes Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Leaps & Turns, and Style & Performance. Pro Track supports dancers in navigating the complexities of their dance journey and emotional well-being, fostering a sense of belonging, a profound appreciation for dance, and the development of strong personal character.

Who Should Consider Pro Track?

Pro Track is ideal for dancers passionate about advancing their skills, willing to commit significant time to their development and are ready to embrace a holistic growth journey. Open to dancers of any age who have been placed in SMASH Level 3 ballet and jazz classes and above.

Preparing for Pro Track

Aspiring Pro Track participants are encouraged to consider our "Pro Track Training Plan," a comprehensive layout of class recommendations and performance opportunities crafted to detail an effective path towards Pro Track preparation. 

What are the requirements for Pro Track Dancers?

The Pro Track commitment spans a full year, including summer session and the regular school season. Highlights include

  • Summer: Participation in a curated summer class schedule, the SMASH Summer Intensive, and the opportunity to participate in the Pro Track Showcase.

  • School Season: Participation in a curated class schedule, Clara and the Nutcracker, IMPACT Dance Collective, a national dance convention, and the SMASH Spring Recital. Additional opportunities include a Pro Track photo shoot and development of a student-mentor relationship.

Estimated Class Hours:

Below is an estimation of the weekly class hours to expect from the Pro Track Learning Groups, not including specialty hours (i.e Hip Hop, Dance Acro, Pointe). These are not the exact hours for next season, however variation to these hours will be minimal.

  • Pearl – Summer 5 hrs  /  School Season: 9 hrs

  • Opal – Summer: 5.5 hrs  /  School Season: 10 hrs

  • Ruby – Summer: 6.5 hrs  /  School Season: 11 hrs

  • Emerald – Summer: 7.25 hrs  /  School Season: 12 hrs

  • Sapphire – Summer: 7.25 hrs  /  School Season: 12 hrs

What Does Pro Track Cost?

To make payment simple, Pro Track outlines all associated costs – required classes, events, performance fees and events – dividing the total into 12 equal monthly payments or offering a 5% discount for upfront payment. Additional fees for optional opportunities, such as Pro Track Showcase, are invoiced separately.


Estimated Tuition

Below is an estimation of the base monthly tuition for each Pro Track Learning Groups, paid from June 2024 through May 2025. Slight adjustments may be made once class schedules are finalized. Tuition will increase if you choose to add specialty class hours (i.e Hip Hop, Dance Acro, Pointe) in addition to the required schedule.

  • Pearl – $465

  • Opal – $512

  • Ruby – $560

  • Emerald – $605

  • Sapphire – $605

Financial Assistance through Fundraising

It is our goal to make Pro Track a financially accessible journey for any dancer fueled by passion and dedication. Understanding the financial commitment of Pro Track, SMASH Dance Academy offers the Rally Up Program, allowing dancers to offset a portion of their tuition through community service. 

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