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Studio Policies

Timeliness: Students and teachers are expected to be on time to classes, rehearsals and performances. If a student is more than 15 minutes late to a class, he/she will be asked to watch the class and take notes.

Attendance: Students and teachers are expected to be at the classes they have signed up for. Students who miss a class are expected to make the class up within 3 weeks by attending another scheduled class the same level or below.

Teacher Prefix: Students are expected to address their teachers with the proper prefix; i.e. Miss, Mr., Mrs.

Dress Code: Students are expected to follow the dress code for all classes. If they are not dressed appropriately for class they will be given 1 warning. The second time they will be asked to call home and ask a family member to bring the proper attire. Click here to view the dress code.

Respectful Body Language: Students are expected to be attentive in class and to show attentiveness through correct body language (i.e. no folding arms, no chewing gum etc)

Drink Breaks: Students are HIGHLY encouraged to bring their own water bottles. Teachers will give plenty of drink breaks as needed. Students may not request a break for a drink at their own will. This disrupts the flow of the class and creates an improper learning environment.

Restroom Breaks: Students are expected to use the restroom before and after class. Limited bathroom requests will be granted except in extreme scenarios or emergencies.

Watches & Jewelry: Watches of any type are prohibited in class. This includes and is not limited to: Apple Watches, Gismo Watches, Fit Bits etc. We also ask that dancers do not wear necklaces, bracelets or other distracting jewelry to class.

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