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Rally Up Program

What is the rally service-a-thon?

The Pro Track Service-A-Thon is an amazing fundraising opportunity for SMASH Dance Academy Pro Track dancers to participate in for the purpose of lowering individual Pro Track costs. Instead of selling arbitrary and unuseful goods, we provide an opportunity for students to get the help of family and friends in their lives who want to support their passion. Our Service-A-Thon is a great way for our Pro Track dancers to not only get help with their tuition, but to also become more externally focused in alignment with our studio core values. Dancers who are signed up for Pro Track find ways to serve fellow Utahns through approved 501c3 organizations in the community. Dancers find donors who are willing to pledge set amounts of money per hour of service completed each month. Once each dancer has at least one non-parent donor, SMASH will also become a donor for that dancer and will provide $20 per hour of approved service to be paid toward that student's tuition (maximum per student benefit is half of annual tuition costs. This does not include costume fees, recital fees, or other extra non-tuition fees). Each month students will submit the approved hours of service and the funds from their donors and from SMASH will be applied to the following month's tuition. If you are hoping to do hours each month and have the donor assist as you go, the donor will need to re-sign up each month. We are happy to help with the logistics!


Register for Pro Track and notify Sara of your interest in the service-a-thon

Register for Pro Track by reaching out to Email Sara to indicate your interest in the Service-A-Thon. Sara will share an individualized Google sheet with you.


Find donors

Find donors who are willing to pledge amounts for service given. Donors will pledge set amounts for each hour of service using the personalized link you created in your RallyUp account.



Once your preferred 501c3 has been approved, complete service hours.


Create a Rally Up Account

Go to to create an account so you can start finding donors and completing your service hours.


Get approval for your 501c3

Submit the 501c3 you would like to do service hours with via your individualized shared Google sheet. Include contact information of your specific supervisor within the organization.


Submit your hours

By the 1st of each month, submit your hours via your Google sheet including specific DETAILS of task completed, date, location and written approval from your supervisor. Once approved, the funds will be applied to your account for the following month's tuition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a 501c3 to do service hours for?

Use resources such as:

How do I get my 501c3 and my hours approved?

Once you have indicated to Sara that you are interested in the Service-A-Thon, she will share a personalized Google sheet with you. When you need 501c3 organizations or service hours approved, enter them in the Google sheet and email Sara to let her know you have updated the sheet.

What "details" should I include about my service hours?

In order for your service hours to be approved, you must include a DETAILED description of the type of work you did.  

Can I include drive time?  Prep time? Parent/sibling hours?

Driving hours, prep time hours and hours from anyone other than the pro track student will not be accepted.  You may only include hours specifically doing service for the 501c3.

When does the fundraiser start and end?  If I do extra hours, can they roll over to next year?

The fundraiser begins with the new Pro Track season on May 29, 2023 and ends the last day of the season on May 24, 2024. Hours may only be applied to half of your TUITION during those months. This does not include costume fees, recital fees, intensive fees, convention fees, or any other extra, non-tuition fees.

Can I cancel my autopay because I plan to do a lot of service hours?

You must still be setup on autopay. As your service hours are completed and approved, the funds will be applied to the following months tuition costs.

Can my parent be my "one donor"?

Each participating student must have AT LEAST ONE NON-PARENT DONOR in order to receive the donor funds from SMASH.  

Can my donors pay a lump sum to be applied to my tuition?

Lump sum payments are not accepted.  Donors may only pledge set amounts per hour of service completed. This urges the students to continue to serve in order to receive the funds of donors and SMASH.  Donors pledge amounts are collected monthly.  

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